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star (June 2009) A history of the SKAT campaign against the tolls has been written. The work to put the history to-gether was done by Comann Eachdraidh Eilean a' Cheo (Isle-of-Mist historical society) on a community not-for-profit basis. The book launch took place in Aros visitor centre Portree, Isle-of-Skye on Saturday 26th of July 2008.

The book is a hardback edition in English and Gaelic with 16 coloured photographs. If you would like to get a signed copy, (in Gaelic, or English, or both) then please contact Andy Anderson (the Secretary of SKAT) by e-mail Andy Anderson, or phone 01369 700841, or by post to 17, Broomfield Drive, Dunoon. Argyll. PA23 7LJ.

The cost of the book is 14.99. Cheques should be made payable to "Comann Eachdraidh Eilean a' Cheo" and Andy will send it anywhere within the UK post free. If you are abroad then please contact Andy by email or phone.

The Isle of Skye was connected to mainland Scotland by one of the most expensive, privately run, unjust toll bridges in Europe. A campaign of non payment ran from the day the bridge opened. Victory for the long standing anti-toll campaigners came as the toll was FINALLY removed from 21 December 2004!.




  • Minutes of the penultimate and final SKAT meetings (updated 3 July 2005)
  • What do I do if I have Bridge Tickets left unused?

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    Skye Bridge - The only place in the world where you get mugged AND get a receipt!

    Have a look at the Skye Bridge Webcam!!


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    star POST SCRIPT - On the 11th February 2008 the whole of Scotland became toll free, an event that would not have happened without the stand taken by the people of Skye and the neighbouring area.   Press release

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