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Proposed at the first AGM of SKAT on 23rd November 1996. Hugh Mackenzie and Alisdair Maclean were tasked with looking into setting up a constitution for SKAT.

On the 4th of January 1997: Andy Anderson addressed the meeting on the pressing need for a constitution he submitted a draft that Drew Millar read to the meeting. It was proposed and accepted that the draft should be submitted to David Noble (Area Manager for Skye & Lochalsh District Council and a Lawyer) for comment.

On the 11th January 1997: Drew Millar read David Noble’s comments to the meeting. The meeting discussed these and John Campbell was tasked with redrafting the constitution.

On the 18th of January 1997: Amended Constitution was read by Drew Millar in the chair and adopted by the meeting.

On 25th of January 1997: Kyleakin meeting was informed by John Campbell in the chair that the constitution had been adopted and was available.

All of the dates mentioned are extracts from the official minutes of SKAT meetings. The majority were chaired by Drew Millar and Robbie the Pict was present. The constitution was subsequently submitted to the Council to enable SKAT to run raffles etc. (Under Gaming Act regulations.)

To adopt a constitution with the sole purpose of using it for the gaming act would be deemed fraudulent. The whole constitution must be adopted and adhered to, in order to maintain legality.

For the record: The Highland Council have a copy of the constitution along with the original application both signed by Andrew Millar (Drew Millar our Convener)

SKAT would like to reaffirm that it stands by the constitution, which was adopted at the above meetings. SKAT members held an EGM on 28th August 1999, in which they voted unanimously to re-affirm this constitution.

Because of the constitutional situation we have had to suspend all forms of fund raising that depended on us being properly constituted, this includes the 999 club.


Skye and Kyle Against Tolls - Constitution

Skye and Kyle Against Tolls (SKAT) is a single objective - non profit making organisation. It's sole aim will be to use all non violent means of protest in order to bring about the abolition of tolls on the Skye Bridge. SKAT will have three classifications of membership:

  1. Affiliate member: This category of membership is open to any organisation which supports our aim as stated above and which pays a subscription as detailed below:

Up to 100 members in the affiliate organisation - 100.00

Up to 500 members in the affiliate organisation - 500.00

Up to 1000 members in the affiliate organisation - 1000.00

Affiliate organisations will be responsible for ensuring that their members adhere to the non violent principals of SKAT when participating in any protest in the campaign to remove tolls from the Skye Bridge.

  1. Support Member: This category of membership is open to any individual who supports our aims as stated above and who make a contribution to the campaign either financially or by assisting in other ways deemed suitable by the organisation.

Persons in possession of a SKAT support badge will be deemed to be already members in This category.

  1. Honorary Membership: Honorary membership will be granted by SKAT to those who have made a significant contribution to the overall campaign objectives.

Persons in possession of a SKAT crew badge will be deemed to be already members in this category.


  1. Members of all categories shall at no time exhibit or practice discrimination - whether on political, racial, religious or sexual grounds.
  2. All categories of membership shall accept the objectives of SKAT, and shall be equal within SKAT.
  3. All members must subscribe to the aims of SKAT and to non-violent means of achieving these.
  4. Decisions taken by the majority of members at properly advertised meetings will be adopted as policy by the organisation.
  5. Meetings will be minuted and the minutes will be held by the General Secretary.

Any breach of the above shall be deemed incompatible with SKAT membership and appropriate action up to and including expulsion may be taken at the discretion of the membership. Where expulsion or censure is used by SKAT, the member concerned will be afforded the opportunity to put their case to a properly advertised meeting.

Office Bearers:

SKAT will hold an annual general meeting in January of each year of it's existences. Notice of this meeting shall be given to all members at least three weeks prior to it being held. At the AGM the following office bearers will be elected for the period of one year:

Chair Person - Whose duties will include responsibility for co-ordination of the activities of SKAT, chairing meetings, acting as the main spokesperson an ensuring that SKAT activities are consistent with it's stated aims.

Vice-Chair - Who will support the chair in the duties listed above and deputise where the Chair Person is unavailable. The AGM in January 2000 amended the Constitution to allow provision for the election of  two vice-chairs.

General Secretary - Will be responsible for keeping a record of the minutes of SKAT meetings, and for the holding of a list of members of all categories.

Treasurer - Will be responsible with the Chair Person for keeping a record of all the financial dealing of SKAT and to produce an annual statement of accounts to the membership at the AGM. They will also be responsible for answering reasonable requests for such financial information about SKAT as the other office bearers may require. The treasurer will also be responsible to the membership for the safe keeping and proper use of such funds as SKAT will raise to pursue it's activities.

With the agreement of the membership the office bearers can appoint individuals and or sub committees to assist with the duties listed above. They may also undertake any other duties that are compatible with the stated aims of the organisation.

Office bearers will be eligible to serve for a period of up to three years if they so wish, subject to the membership re-electing them at the AGM.


General Meetings shall be advertised in the West Highland Free Press or any publication with similar circulation, and shall be considered quorate if at least twenty members including two of the office bearers are present. No change shall be made to the constitution unless at an AGM or similarly notified EGM.


Any member is free at any time to give the General Secretary notification in writing that they wish to cease to be a member of SKAT.


SKAT can be dissolved by a majority decision at any properly advertised AGM or EGM, if this course of action is followed any surplus balance held shall be distributed to charitable organisation(s) whose aim is to benefit communities in Skye and Lochalsh.

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