Tolls have been abolished - Toll Booth in darkness

The toll booth is in darkness, the central lanes with the toll barriers are closed off and the outside lanes are now open to free flow of traffic.

A sight that campaigners at SKAT have been fighting for for since the 17th October in 1995, just over nine years ago and is now a reality.

Motorists woke up this morning to find an announcement today on Skye by Liberal Democrat transport minister Nicol Stephen, First Minister Jack McConnell was there too. The approximate amount to buy the tolls out have been in the region of 27 million.

SKAT would like to thank all its friends, family, local businesses, tourists from throughout the world, local MSP John Farquhar-Munro and all its supporters for their help and contributions to the fight to remove the unjust and - some say - illegal, tolls.

Campaigning will continue to remove criminal convictions that some brave supporters now have following the almost ten years of campaigning.

Thank you all once again for all your support.


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