Skye & Kyle Against Tolls Final Meetings

Skye & Kyle Against Tolls Established 1995

Penultimate SKAT meeting on 4 November 2004

Final SKAT meeting on 23 April 2005

Minutes of the SKAT meeting Held in AM Fasgadh Portree On Saturday 6th November '04

Attendance. Andy Anderson, Malcolm Nicolson, Andrew Wightman, Ian & Colina Willoughby, Adam Gilmour, Dorothy Pearce, Tommy MacLean, Myrna Scott-Moncreiff, Alastair Scott, Harry Slater, J MacPherson, Ann Cameron, Dr Fred Baillie, James Jagger, and John and Katriona McGoldrick.

Apologies. Julian Toms, Rod Stewart-lydden, Jo Scott-Moncreiff and Milly & Danny Simonini, Gwyneth Stedman, Jeff Harris, Liz MacIntyre, and Mary Askew.

Chair. In the absence of our Convener, who was in New Zealand, and our Vice-Convener, who had to attend to her husband who was ill the Secretary Andy Anderson was invited to chair the meeting.

Address by Alastair Scott. Alastair Scott asked leave of the chairman to address the meeting, which was granted: Alastair referred to the major division which had taken place in July 1999 in SKAT. Some members were present to-night who had not attended a SKAT meeting since that time. He wanted an assurance from the SKAT members present that they would accept the attendance of these members with good grace, and not want to rake over issues of the past.
Andy Anderson made it clear from the chair that all members were welcome to the meeting. He explained that SKAT had always accepted that members were perfectly entitled to have and express different opinions within the campaign, indeed it was clearly confirmed in our democratic constitution. The challenge to that constitution had been at the very heart of the division.
SKAT were firmly of the view that there was a real possibility that the campaign may be won in the near future, and they would be delighted to share that victory with all those who had campaigned against the tolls, and who wanted to share in the democratic anti-toll campaign together again.

Minutes. Minutes of the meeting held on 24th April, were approved.

Welcome to Secretary of National Alliance Against Tolls. The meeting welcomed John McGoldrick, the Secretary of the NAAT, and his wife Katriona to the meeting.
John said he was delighted to be here and be invited to participate in our meeting. SKAT, he said, was becoming world renowned for its organisation and its web-site information.

Report of the Officer's meeting 5th June. The Secretary reported that the Convener, himself and the Treasurer had met in Portree on the 5th of June and had agreed the arrangements for the demonstration. It was noted that there were 100 people on the demo, with the local MSP and good media coverage. The officers were thanked for their efforts.

Future Programme. Some discussion took place about the situation in the near future. It was unclear whether the Scottish Executive would indeed abolish the tolls, or do some other gimmick such as another reduction in tolls. The chairman expressed the view that it was his belief that the tolls would be abolished. He accepted that there were strong reasons why the Government in Westminster would not like to see the PFI being bought-out, but he felt on balance the SE would have no option. It was felt however that while we may hope that the campaign would end at the end of the year, we must be prepared for a further development of the campaign in January if this did not happen.

SKAT History After discussion it was agreed that SKAT should work on a history of the full SKAT campaign in order to accurately record our history. The Secretary should co-ordinate this and should look to the other elected officers, and previous elected officers to assist him.

Papay Stamps. Jeff Harris, who was unable to attend the meeting had asked us to use specially printed Papay Stamps on our next newsletter if the tolls came off the bridge. This was agreed.

Newsletter It was felt that we should produce another newsletter, particularly in view of the fact that we had very low funds. After discussion it was agreed that we should get one out if we could manage to do so.

In view of the current situation it was not felt wise to fix a date for the next meeting. We decided to await events before considering this.

Minutes of the SKAT meeting Held in Sabhal Mr Ostaig College On Saturday 23rd April '05

Attendance. Dr Julian Toms, in the Chair, Andy Anderson Secretary, Malcolm Nicolson, Alan Wightman, Ian & Colina Willoughby, Adam Gilmour, Dorothy Pearce, Tommy MacLean, Myrna Scott-Moncreiff, David Allsford, Gwyneth Steedman, Mary Askew, Jo Scott-Moncreiff, Ron & Judith Shapland, John Farquhar Munro MSP, Milly Simmonini, and Dennis Briggs.

Apologies. Danny Simonini, Gavin Scott-Moncreiff, and Margaret Patterson.

Convener's Address. Dr Toms opened the meeting by thanking all those who had come to attend this last SKAT meeting. He particularly thanked Ron and Judith Shapland for coming up from Cumbria to be with us. He referred to the historical significance of this meeting and the organisation which was being closed down. He went over some of the moments of the campaign, including the problems faced by campaigners, but also the light-hearted attitude which SKAT members had adopted.

Minutes of the meeting 6th November '04. These minutes were accepted as a correct record, there were no matters arising, but some members commented on how astute the assessment had been in the minute about future programme.

Address by John Farquhar Munro MSP. John Farquhar Munro then addressed the meeting. He went back over the years to the first demonstration at mid-night on the 16th of October 1995 and effects this had on the anti-tolls campaign in the community. He talked about the highlights of the campaign over the years, and the bitter disappointments, and said that it was the steadfast dogged campaining of SKAT which had won through in the end. He gave a perspective of the campaign from the position of an MSP and the political response to the issue. He also said that by continuing their non-violent democratic campaign, even after the very public division within SKAT, they had demonstrated that they would not be diverted and forced the politicians to address the issue.

Presentation. Dr Toms explained that SKAT officials were very clear that SKAT's success could not be put down to the activities of one individual, or a small group of individuals. It was in fact the active support of many hundreds of active supporters which had made the campaign effective. The SKAT officials therefore did not wish to single out any particular activist on this occasion, but had felt that it was appropriate to give an award to one activist who could represent our appreciation to all the activists. He announced there that the Officers had agreed that this honour should go to Milly Simonini who had done an excellent job from the very start of the campaign until the very last, and who had been a great inspiration to all of us, particularly in the difficult times.
Myrna Scott-Moncreiff, SKAT's First General Secretary, then presented Milly with a small token of our esteem.

Financial report. Dorothy Pearce, SKAT Treasurer, then submitted the annual , final financial report, (circulated at the meeting) to the meeting.
It was noted that we had a total of 233.05 in our accounts and would need to pay for the hall hire. The West Highland Free Press had given us the adverts for the meeting free, and this would enable us to save on this which would of course be passed over to charities when SKAT was closed down.
After consideration Dorothy was thanked for her report and her report was accepted.

Final SKAT Meeting Motions

(1) That SKAT agree to set up a Trust with the object of ensuring that a full and objective history of SKAT, and its role in the anti-tolls campaign is recorded and preserved. That all members present at this meeting, plus all officials of SKAT elected to office since January 2000 should be invited to form this Trust.
This motion was moved, seconded, and carried.

(2) That all monies held in any SKAT funds, after all expenses have been deducted, on Saturday 23rd of April 2005 shall be donated to the following Charities- MacMillan Nurses, Skye Young Carers, Am Fasgadh.
This motion was moved seconded and carried

(3) That SKAT as an organisation, having achieved "its sole aim" as set out in the first paragraph of its constitution be now dissolved in accordance with the last paragraph of its constitution.
This motion was moved, seconded and carried.


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