Press Release 17 November 1997

Following the news which emerged that the Public Accounts Committee meeting to discuss the funding of the Skye Bridge has been brought forward by one month and now meets this afternoon (Monday 17th November) SKAT convener Drew Millar issued this statement.

"SKAT deplore the fact that so little notice was given that this important meeting has been brought forward. Issuing a notice in London on Friday afternoon alerting people to the change is not good enough. It appears that Charles Kennedy MP who has a vital interest in this whole issue was not aware of the change. Nor were members of Scottish media who have followed this story with interest from the beginning. But most irking of all is the fact that several SKAT members had already made arrangements to be at Westminster one month hence to hear how ministers and officials of the Scottish Office might attempt to justify the unjustifiable."

"If I were cynical I would think that the meeting was re-scheduled so as not to attract too much public attention to the scandal of how public money was mis-used and toll-payers now and in the future are being abused. On the other hand it may be simply another example of government incompetence. Either way they have no excuse for denying those who have a keen interest in this meeting the possibility of being in attendance."

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