Public Challenge to Northern Police Superintendent

SKAT is issuing a challenge to Superintendent Hugh MacKay of the Northern Constabulary to reveal the documentation which satisfies him that Miller Civil Engineering are legally empowered to collect tolls at the Skye Bridge. His opinion that "all the necessary paperwork is in place" came in response to a number of questions faxed by Charles Kennedy MP to the Chief Constable.

If Mr. MacKay is so confident that the appropriate documentation, as required by the same legislation which imposes the toll bridge on the people of Skye, actually exists then we are sure that he would not be in the least bit coy about showing it to us.

This issue is close to SKAT members’ hearts since the claim that the necessary documentation is in place is the main reason why complaints against Miller Civil Engineering for illegal collection of tolls are constantly being ignored by officers of the Northern Constabulary.

Should Mr. MacKay be able to produce this documentation SKAT will present him with an authentic campaign mug. If he cannot, or does not, we will give him the mug anyway.

Meanwhile, seasoned SKAT campaigner Andy Anderson is spending a bit longer in HM Prisons bed & breakfast establishment after refusing to guarantee that he would turn up for trial on 14 charges of non-payment of the toll.

Andy, a retired Union leader and activist from Earlish on Skye, would not give Sheriff James Fraser an assurance that he would appear and the Sheriff ordered that he be detained in custody until his trial on December 16th.

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