Toll Competency Pleas Rejected

Robbie the Pict's five pleas on the competency of the Skye Bridge tolls were rejected at Dingwall Sherrif Court last week.

He has, however, been given leave by temporary Sherrif James Scott to appeal on two of the pleas to the High Court to force the Skye Bridge Co. or Scottish Ofice to make available the missing pages of the concession agreement between the two bodies.

SKAT has already had copies of these pages leaked to them, and Robbie insists that they contain clauses which prohibit the Skye Bridge Co. from sub-contracting their rights and duties. He believes that they bridge company have breached the contract as it is employees of Miller Civil Engineering who collect the tolls (as they have testified in court on many occasions). Robbie, obviously, cannot use the leaked documents in Court and requires them to be issued officially.

The Sherrif, who has taken over in the case from Sherrif Fraser, allowed Robbie to appeal on two pleas:

This was the first time Robbie had stood trial for non-payment of the toll, almost two years after his first charge was made against him.

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