18 March 1997 - Robbie the Pict - Owner of Skye Bridge Tolls Ltd.

Robbie the Pict is now the Managing Director of Skye Bridge Tolls Ltd! According to the contract issued by the Secretary of State for Scotland back in 1991, this was the company who were assigned the right to collect tolls on the Bridge.

However, Miller Construction and their backers had set up a company called Skye Bridge Ltd. to run the toll collection regime. Robbie, ever vigilant, discovered that there was no company called Skye Bridge Tolls Ltd. and immediately set one up.

He now intends to take Skye Bridge Ltd. to court for collecting tolls he says his company has been assigned the right to do. He has also pointed out that the New Streets & Roads Works Act 1991 states that the Secretary of State for Scotland will indemnify the collector of the tolls against any legal action.

So, not only is he taking Miller's company to Court, he is also trying to get the Secretary of State for Scotland to pay for it!

Of course, he probably won't get too far in Court with the argument that as his company has the same name it also has the right to collect tolls, but the idea is to get Skye Bridge Ltd. and the Secretary of State involved in a court case which will scrutinise the whole procedure of the issuing of the right to collect tolls.

SKAT has always believed that the Secretary of State did not have the power to assign the right, as he did this in 1991, a whole year before the toll order which allowed him to do it came into force.

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