9 January 1997 - Latest News From SKAT

  • On Monday 13th January the Scottish Grand Committee meeting in Edinburgh will be hearing an Adjournment Debate on the Skye Bridge Tolls. The venue is the City Chambers on the High Street near the Law Courts. Please turn up and support us!

  • SKAT welcomes the announcement by the Lib-Dems that, should they form a government or be in a balance-of-power position, they will ensure the immediate abolition of the bridge tolls. In this they join with the SNP.

  • With the total denial of Legal Aid, despite novel and complex legislation and despite pensioners, unwaged and single parents being amongst the "accused", SKAT now has to find about 300 per day's defence in court. Expert reserach is extra. Please don't sit and watch and then reap the benefit when we are successful. Please send what you can afford, payable to "SKAT", Post Office, Portree, Isle of Skye and ensure our early success. Or would you and your kids rather pay 27 million plus to the Bank of America and pals??
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