22 November 1996 - Bridge Tolls Set To Rise In New Year

The already extortionate tolls on the Skye Bridge are set to rise in the New Year.

*** New Prices ***

A spokeswoman for the bridge company's PR office confirmed that the tolls would increased in the new year, but could not say by how much.

Under their agreement with the Scottish Office the bridge company are allowed to increase the level of the tolls each year by the rate of inflation, and can also implement an increase of up to 30% if traffic figures do not meet projections. The latter argument, however, seems unlikely given the loudly bragged high levels of traffic given by the company.

Robbie the Pict, SKAT legal secretary, was unsurprised with the upcoming rise. "In addition the toll will probably have VAT added to it as a result of Sherrif Fraser's ruling in Dingwall last Friday."

A team of SKAT campaigners are travelling to Edinburgh today for a survey of more Tory constituencies following their successful trip to Michael Forsyth's Stirling constituency in August. This time, Edinburgh Pentlands, held by foreign secretary Malcom Rifkind and Edinburgh West, held by Lord James Douglas-Hamilton come under the microscope.

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