05 August 1996 - VAT Could Put Bridge Prices Skye High!

A directive from the European Commission could mean VAT being charged on all toll bridges in the UK, pushing the already extorionate price on the Skye Bridge of 5.20 one way for a car up to 6.11.

Britain, and three other European countries are to have proceedings instigated against them in the Court of Justice for opposing and contravening the directive.

The Government are opposed to the addition of VAT on bridges, arguing that the tolls are a tax. Applying the directive would mean applying a tax on a tax.

Europe argues that the bridge is providing a service and therefore should have VAT applied.

In recent Court cases against anti-toll protestors, the Crown have been arguing that the toll is a Service Charge, but to Europe they say it's a tax...the seem to want it both ways!

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