Skye Tolls Demo

Thursday 1st July ‘04

For immediate release

SKAT (Skye & Kyle Against Tolls), who have been opposing the Skye Bridge toll since it was first imposed on the 17th of October, are calling for a mass peaceful demonstration on the Skye Bridge on Saturday 3rd of July at 12 noon.

A march will leave from the Crofter’s Kitchen car park at 12 noon with John Farquhar Munro MSP at the head. The march will cross the bridge and assemble at the toll booths on the mainland side.

Referring to the need for all toll protesters to join together in a final push to get the tolls off the bridge, and to get a firm date from the Scottish Executive for this to happen, SKAT’s Convener, Dr Julian Toms said “The time has come for all those who wish to see the end of the tolls to gather together for a final show of strength”

The SKAT Convener and General Secretary will be available after the march for interviews.

For further information contact:

Andy Anderson SKAT Gen: Secretary

Tel: 01470-542365 e-mail

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