Enough is Enough

When Labour and the Liberal Democrats led the new Scottish Parliament into the start of their term, they promised to abolish the tolls as soon as possible.

They set up consultants to look into it.

Then Nicol Stevens, Transport Minister, said the Executive was to "enter into negotiations with a view to ending the discredited toll regime on the Skye bridge".

And we are still waiting...and waiting.

We have had enough of this political paralysis, where Scottish Ministers confronted by the Skye Bridge Company act like a rabbit hypnotised by a weasel. We have now decided as an organisation to re-open our direct challenges at the toll booth.

For years we have fought for the abolition of the tolls, we have been paying these extortionate tolls to a private company. The taxpayer has been paying money to a private company. Even more recently it was said that enough money has already been collected to pay off the bridge - but we still continue to be charged and the taxpayer still continues to pay subsidies.

SKAT ask people and supporters to help them once again remind the Politicians that when they make promises - they keep them (for once!) Please watch out on the website and in the West Highland Free Press newspaper for notices on any organised demonstrations. Or even, if you feel up to it, join in individually with our non-payment campaign.

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