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At 10-30 am on Thursday 17th of April Dave Whyte will stand before a court in Dingwall facing Criminal charges because he did not pay the extortionate toll on the Skye Bridge.

While young Scots are out in Iraq, allegedly bringing freedom to the Iraqi people, we at home are losing ours.

Dave is charged under the infamous “New Roads & Street Works Act 1992” the most appalling legislation in the whole of Europe to-day. Legislation which makes normal civil relationships subject to Criminal prosecution.

This legislation, used extensively when the bridge was first opened to bring Criminal charges against many hundreds of law abiding citizens, has not been used for over three years. Indeed the Procurator Fiscal has been pressing police officers not to use it, but to bring other charges against toll protestors.

Dave Whyte will be using his court appearance to ask the Sheriff some searching questions about the Criminal charge against him.

This is a matter very much in the public interest. That British citizens can be subjected to the criminal law, merely to suit the convenience of a private company is an outrage.

When people in the old USSR were taken before criminal courts for civil matters our politicians in Britain were denouncing such Government conduct, now a Labour/ Lib-Dem Administration in Edinburgh are applying it.

Come along to the Dingwall court on Thursday and hear Dave put his questions. Both he and I will be available for interview afterwards.

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