Teenagers Debate Skye Bridge on TV

The Skye Bridge is set to be talking point for young viewers

The controversy surrounding the imposition of tolls on the Skye Bridge will feature on UK television channel, Channel 4, in a new series to be shown tomorrow 14 May 2001 at 1015 during Channel 4's 4Learning timeslot.

Titled Pressure Points, the five-part series will focus on some of the most heated and controversial land-related issues in Scotland and has been produced by   television production company Tern TV.

The series is aimed at the encouraging schoolchildren throughout the UK to form their own opinions about various issues. It has supporters from both for and against a particular subject giving their viewpoint

The first programme, called Over the Bridge to Skye, includes an interview with anti-toll protesters and locals, as well as information on the Bridge project.

Anne Fleck, the education officer at Channel 4 for nations and regions, said: "Establishing the background to each dilemma, strong emphasis is placed on the people who live in these areas and how these changes affect their lives.

"They will form the basis of a good talking point about issues which will affect them."

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