Skye No Longer An Island!

The Isle of Skye is officially no longer an island ! At least not according to the Scottish Executive. They say that it is technically part of the mainland.

Highland MSP Rhoda Grant raised the matter on Thursday following the statement by Rural Affairs Minister, Ross Finney, on the lifting of restrictions on FMD last week.

Regulations for movement of stock on the Scottish Islands are different from those for the mainland.

Now that it's linked by the Skye Bridge, is Skye still an island ? asked Mrs Grant.

Mr Finnie confessed he wasn't certain but as far as he was aware, Skye was an island.

Later in the day, Mrs Grant asked the same question of Deputy First Minister, Jim Wallace. He wasn't sure either.

However, a Scottish Executive spokesperson confirmed later that, for the purposes of the Regulations, because of the bridge, Skye is officially classed as part of the mainland as sheep and cattle could easily walk across the bridge.

I wonder how they would get the sheep to pay the toll to cross...???

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