SKAT News Board at Kyleakin

Locals and regular visitors to Skye will notice, as they go round the roundabout at the end of the Skye Bridge, that the SKAT NEWS notice board is no longer there. The board was removed by SKAT and we very much regret having had to do this.

Recently, when notices were posted, vandals removed the lettering and used it to concoct messages of their own. So far it had been fairly innocent stuff but we could not run the risk of offensive messages being placed on the Board which carried SKAT's name and since we could not afford to employ a rota of people on 24/7 shifts to mount a vigil beside it, it was with great regret that the Office Bearers of SKAT decided to take this action in what was considered to be an emergency situation

Amelia Simonini,
SKAT News Editor

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