26 December 1995 - SKAT Protest, Boxing Day

The Skye Bridge Company suspended the tolls for Christmas Day (rumour has it this was because they were too mean to pay their staff double time...) but SKAT had arranged a protest today, Boxing Day.

At 1200 this morning, approximately 60 people, led by the Skye Pipe Band, marched across the bridge in protest against the extortionate tolls. The snow plough passed us a couple of time helping to clear the way for us!

The number of people was amazing considering the severe weather to hit this area, two busloads of protestors from the North end of the island didn't make it down due to the roads being blocked.

The Pipe Band also had problems of their own, their reeds kept freezing up and some strange noises began to emanate from their pipes (yes, stranger than normal!). Some people who had turned up in kilts were turning strange colours and talking with high pitched voices (this could have been the Helium from the balloons they were breathing though..)

Santa was pushed across the bridge sitting in a wheelbarrow, helped along by several people in convicts uniforms. There was a delay on the return trip as we had to prise the pipe band back out of the pub...

There were approximately 12 police officers present, all on double time, of course. But we did share our soup with them even though.

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