16 November 1995 - Skye Bridge Trust Started

A trust has been established by the Skye Bridge company to promote and support conservation, architecture, the environment and Gaelic language and culture within the community.

An initial grant of GBP10,000 has been made to the Skye Bridge trust and will be regarded as working capital.

The Trustees include Sir Ian Noble (chairman of the Skye Bridge co.), Andrew Currie (environmentalist who writes for the West Highland Free Press), Bill Reid (chairman of Kyleakin & Kylerea Community Councils) and Seonachan Macleod (chairman of Skye Mountain rescue Team).

Sir Ian says "It is only a small trust at the moment, but it could grow like a snowball through the efforts of the trustees."

It has been pointed out over the last few weeks in letters to the local paper, the West Highland Free Press, that despite pleas from both Kyle and Kyleakin primary schools to the Skye Bridge Co. nothing has been given to the local communities most affected by the extortionately priced toll bridge. A minibus was donated to the Gaelic college, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, by the Bridge company, but of course, they are in the community of Sleat, where Sir Ian lives....

In a letter in todays West Highland Free Press, Sir Ian yet again points out how the bridge is a thing of beauty and that and that "The bridge is cheaper and quicker than the ferry (this winter for a car GBP4.30 compared with GBP5.40 last winter)...".

Goes to show how often HE had to pay across the ferry. 5.40 was the Summer price of the ferry, last Winter it was 4.10. The books of concessionary tickets (book of 10) for a small commercial vehicle, saves them a whole 29 pence per journey for paying nearly GBP100 in advance!

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