The 'Stirling' Tories Are Anti Tolls

At the August 7th meeting held in the Gathering Hall, Portree, SKAT was advised that they may now be able to look forward to being joined by surprising new allies in their fight against the tolls on the Skye Bridge.

The Summer 1999 edition of 'In Touch', the newsletter of Stirling Constituency Conservatives co-edited by Brian Monteith. MSP is evidence of just how long 'a week in politics' can be. Under banner headlines the Stirling Tories announced that they were to campaign to stop road tolls. Launching the campaign. the Mid Scotland and Fife Tory MSP said "These back door taxes will penalise the ordinary motorist driving on roads they have already paid for. and will simply hit the most vulnerable in our society such as the elderly and the young hardest."

Stirling SKAT campaigner Harry Wright contacted Tory headquarters in Edinburgh anticipating the confirmation of new allies in his campaign against tolls on the A87. Until reminded that the A87 was better known as the Skye Bridge the spokesman denied that the Tories had ever had anything to do with road tolling. After discussion he finally admitted that his knowledge of the subject was limited and he promised to look into it.

SKAT now looks forward to having the Stirling Tories putting their case in the Scottish Parliament. SKAT campaigner Dr. Julien Thoms commented "Dare we hope to have campaigners like Michael Forsyth helping us to get rid of the tolls. Given how effective he was in opposing us, I think he could be a major asset."

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