14 November 1995 - Boycott Skye Whisky!

Campaigners from SKAT have called for a worldwide boycott of all whisky brands sold by island company, Praban na Linnhe.

The whisky firm is owned by Sir Ian Noble, who is also chairman of Skye Bridge Ltd., the company which runs the privatised toll bridge.

It started with Dunoran House Hotel in Dunvegan, but many other island publicans and off-sales have now joined in. "The ban on Sir Ians whisky has already started here. We will not selling it until further notice - when the tolls are scrapped or brought down to a sensible level" says Hotel owner Alasdair Maclean. "We are asking all Scots to now shun all the whisky brands with the words Prabhan Na Linnhe on the label".

Prabhan na Linnhe does not produce whisky, but markets it, under its own labels. These include Te Bheag, and Poit Dubh in its range.

Sir Ian yesterday hit out at the ban, saying the protestors' tactics could jepordise jobs on Skye "This sort of action can only endanger the jobs of the six people working at Prabhan".

It was pointed out, though, that the high tolls are more of a threat to local jobs and that they will ruin the economy of Skye. Also, a while back when there was a dispute between Guinnes and its workforce, Sir Ian had banned the sale of Guinnes in their support!

Locals on Skye were furious when Sir Ian did a U turn against the bridge when he was offered the job of chairman of the company that collects the tolls. Previous to that, he was opposed to the toll bridge.

So, for any of you out there who wish to put pressure on Sir Ian where it hurts him the most (his pocket!), may I suggest a nice Talisker, or Highland Park :-))

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