21 October 1995 - Skye Bridge Poetry

by Douglas W. Martin 100335.1077@compuserve.com With apologies.....to the great William McGonagall. Oh beautiful bridge to the Island of Skye That soars o'er the water in the sky very high And made out of metal and tons of concrete With cracks, so I've heard, some as long as eight feet. On Thursday, the wind not too strong did she blow A few hardy souls 'cross the bridge did they go; Some tourists from Merikay and local folks too At the crown of the bridge, their faces were blue. Past the ferry-slip in Kyle up the hill you must climb To the toll-booth where a photie can be took if you've time; There's only one road, so you cannot get lost It's a good-looking bridge but, oh dear! The cost! If you're bound for the Cuillins or maybe Portree Or to visit Dunvegan for a strong cup of tea And a biscuit. It's all very nice But save up your pennies, you'll pay a full price. Many years have I travelled to Skye, feeling merry And waited, not long, in the queue, for the ferry. Alas, she has gone; no more shall we feel The swell of the sea 'neath the little ship's keel. I went to Kyleakin, where roads they are digging Up. Some yachts were around there, complete with their rigging. But the new road goes past there with a good round-a-bout The village was quiet; of that there's no doubt. Oh beautiful bridge to the Island of Skye With cracks in your structure and prices so high I hope that the islanders will suffer no loss If all the visitors don't pay and stay in Wester Ross. Instead. - D.

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