National Alliance Against Tolls - Dunfermline and West Fife 2006 By-election - Flyer

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Dunfermline and West Fife By-election - Flyer for No Tolls candidate

Vote Minogue


No tolls because:

"Charging of tolls is totally indefensible on the grounds of logic, equity and economic rationality"


"they are excessive and un reasonable"


"why are the benefits of the Forth Road Bridge any more exceptional than those of the Kessock or Ballachulish Bridges, neither of which had tolls?"

These quotes are not Tom Minogue's but are Dr Gordon Brown MP's-when speaking in June 1985-10 years before the Forth Road Bridge was paid for!

Are you sick of career politicians promising you jam tomorrow as Dr Brown did when he visited Dunfermline last week to promote another compliant Blair Babe for Parliament and hint that the 4 Toll was dead?

Dr Brown MP and his likes do not care what his constituents have to put up with once he has their votes in the ballot box-he jets off back to London and forgets us-We think that he has taken the Fly Fifer for granted once too often. THIS WILL BACKFIRE ON HIS PROTÉGÉ CATHERINE STILHER. The Dunfermline and West Fife people remember the broken promises of our Labour Chancellor:

The Labour promise: Tens of thousands of jobs at Motorola.
The reality:
Not one job-despite millions of ratepayer's money spent!

The Labour promise: A bright future for Rosyth Dockyard.
The reality:
A rundown of a workforce of 7,000 to one of just over 1,000!

The Labour promise: 1st class hospital services right for Fife.
The reality
: A glorified first-aid post in a once proud town now bordering on dereliction.

WHAT YOU can do about it!

Vote Q for Tom Minogue the:

Abolish Forth Bridge Toll Party candidate

on February 9 and make him YOUR MP

Tom is not bound by the diktats of party whips which has MPs vote for what they are told - as opposed to what they promised the electorate.

Tom will hound Dr Gordon Brown in the House of Commons and use his mandate from you the people of Dunfermline West Fife to pressure and embarrass the Chancellor into honouring his promise to abolish the tolls on the Forth Road Bridge.

Tom will cooperate with other local issue groups to make the Parliament take notice of Dunfermline instead of taking it for granted as a loyal Labour seat-a loyalty abused for decades!

If we had no toll booths, good roads and hospital services in a tidy town centre these measures would encourage businesses to invest in Fife-and not flee it as they are doing now.

Use your vote to give the big parties a bloody nose!

Vote Minogue.

Published by Lorna Gratton 102 Rae St Cowdenbeath on behalf of Tom Minogue 94 Victoria Terrace Dunfermline. Printed by Printing Services (Scotland) Ltd. Broomhead Drive, Dunfermline.

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