04 May 96 - Motorcycle Protest on Bridge

A group of motorcycle enthusiasts made the long trip up from the Central region of Scotland to protest against the extortionate tolls.

A group of 40 people made their way across Scotland, picking up others as they convoyed up to Skye, arrived at the bridge at lunchtime to find an army of police waiting for them. The police had been told to expect 200 bikers and were taking no chances!

Each biker took their time to pay, pulling up to the barrier, switching off their engines, getting off the bike, searching for money, etc. There was also a large group of SKAT supporters there to cheer them on. It took over one and a half hours for 25 bikes to go through the tolls. One biker was charged with non payment of the toll by the Police.

After regrouping and resting in the Kyleakin Hotel, the bikers then made their ways back across the bridge - slowly, of course! For information it costs £2.60 for a motorcycle to cross the bridge one way.

A comprehensive report on the trip by Kenny MacGill can be found in July's edition of the Northern Biker magazine.

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