06 April 1996 - Easter Weekend Anti Toll Events

Today, Saturday, SKAT are running a sponsored cycle across the Bridge to raise funds for their fighting campaign against the tolls. The idea is to have at least two cyclists at anyone time on the bridge, with supporters at either end publicising the anti toll campaign to the visiting tourists.

This Monday, Easter Monday, The Drive For Justice campain will be held. This is to be the first in a new form of protest aiming at causing congestion on the bridge. Drivers will meet in the carpark in Kyleakin and form up into convoys of 10 cars. Drivers may either choose to refuse to pay, or to pay in small denominations, etc.

Tips on how to slow up payment include not having the money ready;ask for a hand written receipt (you need one with a VAT number on it for expenses, the till receipt does not show this); ask the collector to show proof of authority to colect the toll; paying out your money slowly, get it wrong and ask for a recount; etc.

There will be pressure on people to pay up as soon as possible, from the Bridge Staff, the Police and other travelers. In some ways it is much more stressful than non-payment. The company needs to clear one car every 20 seconds or so to avoid queues. If people can take a minute, queues are inevitable. Especially as it will be Easter Monday.

SKAT apologise in advance to visiting tourists who will be inconvenienced, but hope that they understand that we have to pay these prices every day, while they may only cross once a year.

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