04 April 1996 - Bridge Bus Service Cut (Already!)

The daily bus service across the bridge could be changing contracts, reduce in frequency and increase in price sometime soon.

Originally, when the bridge was introduced, a subsidised bus service was provided, running every 30 minutes between Kyle of Lochalsh, on the mainland, and Kyleakin on Skye. The cost was 55 pence each way, or 11 pence each way if you bought a book of tickets. Unemployed and children under 16 got to travel free. The service was supposed to be subsidised for the first year of the bridge.

There is now a rumour, however, that the contract is to be given to Skyeways, a local bus company who run services between Skye and Glasgow and Inverness. The service would no longer be subsidised. Therefore, the service will run every hour, only pick up and drop off at designated stops (the existing service will pickup/drop off wherever you want), will not run on a Sunday, and will give no discounts.

This means an increase in fare to locals of 500%. Hopefully, this will not happen!

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