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We sent this press release out about our petition in December 2005 to the Scottish Parliament to end all tolls in Scotland:- ANTI TOLL campaigners are asking all Scots to support a petition to MSPs calling for the removal of the three remaining tolls - Clyde at Erskine, Forth and Tay.

The Executive has been carrying out a review of tolls for the last two years. They removed the Skye Bridge toll last Christmas, but the Executive seem to be determined to keep the remaining tolls.

Two of the tolls are soon due to end anyway (Forth at the end of March, Erskine on the 1st July), but it is expected that the minister, Tavish Scott, will make orders to extend them.

The Forth bridge has recently been in the news, because it is claimed that a new bridge is needed because either the existing bridge will have to be closed due to corrosion of cables or to cope with increasing traffic. Though the published figures (northbound for January to October) show that traffic was actually less in 2005 (10,016,000) than it was in 2003 (10,095,00).

The petition is in the name of George Campbell on behalf of the National Alliance Against Tolls in Scotland. George was the "Lone Protestor" at the Public Inquiry a year ago into the Forth Toll Increase, but hopes that this time he will be joined by all those who think that the tolls are unjust. He says "All Scots can help to free the nation of tolls by signing the electronic petition at the Scottish Parliament website."

He agrees that congestion can be a problem on some of the bridges, but says that tolls only add to any congestion. "The problems can be eased by removing toll collection, using tidal flow in peak periods (as used on the Golden Gate bridge and other crossings), and improving approaches. There are also various carrots that can be used to encourage car sharing etc, without the need for the stick of tolls."

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